TinyLine provides 2D rendering capabilities and implements SVG Tiny 1.1+ engine for Java platform.
Key features:
  • SVG Tiny 1.1+ engine
  • Allows both textual and gzipped SVG streams
  • Compact code
  • Easy to use API
TinyLine is extremely portable across Java flavors because it uses a small set of standard Java SDK classes, which makes TinyLine run on Google App Engine platform without any efforts.

Please read TinyLine for Google App Engine tinylineforgae.pdf and check basic online demos at

For more details about TinyLine 2D and SVG please read:
TinyLine 2D Programing Guide,
TinyLine SVG Programming Guide.
TinyLine SDK Java API

TinyLine Utils

TinyLine GZIPInputStream is a pure J2ME implementation of the Java 2 class that uses the same API. The size of the class in the JAR format is about 6K. It was developed as a part of TinyLine SVG Toolkit.
TinyLine GZIPInputStream is being used in a growing number of mobile applications.
Documentation: You can check the Java API on line.
Please read the Copyright Notice and README before downloading. Download TinyLine GZIPInputStream 1.8.2 for J2ME CLDC 1.0

Sample SVG Tiny files using TinyLine SVG

transform dash gradients colors textlines beziers

tiny-animate-elem-21-t tiny-fonts-elem-01-t basic-pservers-grad-11-b tiny-animate-elem-02-t tiny-paths-data-01-t basic-painting-render-01-b.png

girl bass man