SVG Tiny Conformance Suite Implementation Status

This document describes the results of TinyLine 2.4 tested against the
SVG Conformance Test Suite (Tiny) .


Type Description
Yes Implementation passes test
No Implementation does not pass test
Partial Implementation passes part of the test, but not enough to give a full pass.

TinyLine 2.3 SVG Tiny Test Results

Test Name TinyLine 2.3
animate-elem-02-t Ok
animate-elem-03-t Ok
animate-elem-04-t Ok
animate-elem-05-t Ok
animate-elem-06-t Ok
animate-elem-07-t Ok
animate-elem-08-t Ok
animate-elem-09-t Ok
animate-elem-10-t Ok
animate-elem-11-t Ok
animate-elem-12-t Ok
animate-elem-13-t Ok
animate-elem-14-t Ok
animate-elem-15-t Ok
animate-elem-16-t Ok
animate-elem-17-t Ok
animate-elem-18-t Ok
animate-elem-19-t Ok
animate-elem-20-t Ok
animate-elem-21-t Ok
animate-elem-23-t Ok
animate-elem-24-t Ok
animate-elem-25-t Ok
animate-elem-26-t Ok
animate-elem-27-t Ok
animate-elem-28-t Ok
color-prop-03-t Ok
coords-trans-02-t Ok
coords-trans-03-t Ok
coords-trans-04-t Ok
coords-trans-05-t Ok
coords-trans-06-t Ok
fonts-elem-01-t Ok
fonts-elem-02-t Ok
interact-zoom-01-t Ok
linking-a-03-t Ok
linking-a-04-t Ok
linking-uri-03-t Ok
painting-fill-01-t Ok
painting-fill-02-t Ok
painting-fill-03-t Ok
painting-fill-04-t Ok
painting-stroke-01-t Ok
painting-stroke-02-t Ok
painting-stroke-03-t Ok
painting-stroke-04-t Ok
paths-data-01-t Ok
paths-data-02-t Ok
paths-data-04-t Ok
paths-data-05-t Ok
paths-data-06-t Ok
paths-data-07-t Ok
render-elems-01-t Ok
render-elems-02-t Ok
render-elems-03-t Fail
render-elems-06-t Ok
render-elems-07-t Ok
render-elems-08-t Ok
render-groups-03-t OK
shapes-circle-01-t Ok
shapes-ellipse-01-t Ok
shapes-line-01-t Ok
shapes-polygon-01-t Ok
shapes-polyline-01-t Ok
shapes-rect-01-t Ok
struct-cond-01-t Ok
struct-cond-02-t Ok
struct-defs-01-t Ok
struct-frag-01-t Ok
struct-group-01-t Ok
struct-image-01-t Ok
struct-image-03-t Ok
struct-image-04-t Ok
styling-pres-01-t Ok
text-fonts-01-t Ok
text-fonts-02-t Ok
text-intro-01-t Ok
text-intro-04-t Ok
text-ws-01-t Ok
text-ws-02-t Ok


  1. TinyLine 2.3 does not pass the render-elems-03-t.svg. This test has an internal ENTITY definition, which is a rather exotic XML feature if we are talking about SVG Tiny. (I personally think that this test was just copied from the full SVG 1.1 Test without taking an attention about it).
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