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TinyLine SVG

TinyLine SVG implements an SVG Tiny 1.1+ engine for Java and Android platforms.

Key features

  • SVG Tiny 1.1+ engine
  • Supports SVG fonts, raster image and text elements, paths
  • Supports SMIL animations and events
  • Allows both textual and gzipped SVG streams
  • Compact code
  • Easy to use API

Changes in TinyLine SVG 2.5

  • Adds style attribute for better Inkscape SVG files support.
  • Adds an example of loading SVG assets into bitmaps for Android.
  • Fix for PNG alpha channel for Google App Engine.

Changes in TinyLine SVG 2.4

  • Adds the support of Google App Engine.

Changes in the TinyLine SVG 2.3

  • Uses TinyLine 2D 2.3 Renderer.

About SVG

This is the official   W3C overview of the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format. SVG 1.1, SVG 1.0 and SVG Mobile Profiles are Web standards (W3C Recommendations). Work continues on SVG 1.2 and future profiles for Mobile and Printing.

TinyLine SVG Implementation Status

TinyLine SVG Conformance Status

TinyLine SVG Programming Guide

TinyLine SDK Java API

TinyLine for Google App Engine (PDF)

TinyLine SDK Readme (PDF)

W3C SVG Tiny Test Suite using TinyLine SVG

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Sample SVG Tiny files using TinyLine SVG

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